About Camille Pack

It’s easier to find beauty when we have arms drawn around us.


wayfinder. coach. nature lover.

Camille Pack is a Martha Beck trained personal coach and a certified Lasting Connection® Couples Facilitator—trained by the program creators, Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen and Dr. Debi Gilmore.

Camille serves clients virtually and also hold couples workshops on site in Portland, Oregon. She brings warmth, creativity, and a deep understanding of relationship dynamics to the fields of couples’ enrichment and personal empowerment.

If you’re looking for support to connect to your purpose or strengthen your bond with your partner, contact Camille here.

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Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen Emotionally Focused Therapy

I’ve watched Camille across the years, and I’m excited to recommend her as someone who can help you find love and connection in your life.
She’s a wonderful coach, who brings gentle kindness into her work in a way that creates powerful insights and strong connections.”


Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen

Lasting Connection® Co-Developer,
Director of the San Diego Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy
and TRI EFT Alliant